Matt York.

In Acoustic, Pop, Singer/Songwriter on December 18, 2012 at 12:59 pm


Somtimes when you find a new artist you’ve not heard before, you can’t believe they’ve passed you by, remaining in obscurity rather than being played out by all your acoustic loving, indie raving, folk dancing cohorts. That’s the feeling you get when first listening to the delectable Matt York. With a voice of timbre filled perfection, raw, deep and somehow effortless. His song-writing style is a mix of acoustic guitar riffs, easy listening, low-key musicality. His first album offers an insight into the range of sounds York produces, from rock/pop to acoustic/indie and a jazzy/blues feel, he manages to cover just about every genre and yet meld them together to form one coherent sound. It’s the sort of music you could work to, chill out too, drive on a long journey to. It doesn’t demand your attention or scream at you for approval, but more mellowly ticks over. That isn’t to say its easy to ignore or forget, more that the genius of York’s style, is like most great acoustic music, its hard to pin point. It’s just right, in every single way.

Sound: Micah Dalton, Gavin DeGraw, Steve Means.

Songs: Urban Romance, Lovely, Hey Love.

Albums: Mine (2008) Under the street lights (2005)


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